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Hard Money Loansbillionphotos 2377876

Are you unhappy with your banks 1% interest rate are you interested is getting 12% on your money? Register on this site as an investor and let us know how much your potentally willing to lend. These are 12 month loans with interest only monthly payments. The principle is repaid when the redeveloped property is sold or at the end of the loans term.

Deal Parterships

Are you interested in partnering with us on a property? Here is how it works. You let us know how much you have to invest in a partnership. ($100K or more) We create an LLC for the deal with you as the co-owner and you deposit your capital investment. Then we find and present a redeveopment deal to you for approval. If you aprove, then the LLC purchases the property and any excess capital above the purchase price, predicted rehab cost, and saftey margin is returned to you. We rehab the property, sell it and liquidate the LLC with you recieving the remainder of your capital investment back plus half of the profits. Register on this site as an investor to find out more.

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